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Top 3 Cheapest PCB Assembly Manufacturers in China

In order to complete your electronics project, you need to choose the right turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer to do the work for you. PCB assembly, also known as PCBA, is a complicated process, and electronics manufacturers need to carry out the PCB assembly process step by step from the design. With the development of the electronics industry, more and more entrepreneurs are investing in the PCBA industry. There are hundreds of PCBA service providers in Shenzhen, China alone, but not all cheap PCB assembly companies are reliable. Among the many options, we recommend three companies for high-quality and cheap assembly:


Cheap PCBA Manufacturer

FS Technology

Here please allow me to introduce our company - FS Technology to you. FS Technology, also known as FS PCBA, was established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, and is currently the most technologically advanced PCBA assembly company in Shenzhen. Although we are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) according to the preference of the electronics industry, we prefer to be called PCB assembly service providers. Yes, we specialize in all assembly items. While we can provide our customers with full service from design to mass production, most of the time we complete the assembly project and complete the process at a lower price. Here are the services you can find on our website:

A-Tech circuits

Located in Shenzhen, China like FS Technology, the difference is that they focus on the production of flexible circuits. In terms of manufacturing, they can complete prototypes, small batches, and high-volume production. They are manufacturers known for their rapid production. Below are the different types of PCBs that A-Tech Circuits can manufacture:

  • 1-40 layers of multi-layer boards (FS Technology can produce 1-56 layers of PCB and has a cooperative relationship with the military industry)
  • flexible circuit board
  • rigid-flex board
  • Metal Core PCB (Aluminum PCB / Ceramic PCB)
  • High Frequency/RF Board

Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd

The company is a small and fast turnaround PCB manufacturing company, currently has 3 manufacturing workshops, can complete most of the batch projects in a short time, if your electronic projects are time sensitive, you can choose FS Technology or Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd. The opposite of FS Technology is that they are good at PCB manufacturing but not skilled in multi-layer board assembly. The company's capabilities include:

  • Rigid PCB with 1-38 layers
  • 2-16 layer soft and hard combination circuit
  • HDI High Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board
  • Assembly and Component Sourcing

Cheap PCB Assembly Companies Ranking Order Explained

Due to the poor order of the articles, there may be a misunderstanding among electronics manufacturers that the ones ranked first are cheaper, which is not the case. Since this article is abbreviated by the editor of FS Technology, we will introduce ourselves first, and then introduce other companies. In terms of cost, you can contact these three cheap assembly companies by mail and get their quotations. In addition, we all design, manufacture, assemble, cost analysis, test and other services, but the projects we are good at are not the same. FS Technology recommends that you choose a suitable PCBA company according to your project needs.

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